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"Charlotte’s Nightmare" by Sally’s Song Dolls by May666 on Flickr.

[Unknown/Unlisted Sculpt]

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Before, WIP, and After restoration project by Hastya on DOA on a [Soom R. Onyx.]

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Just because sweet dreams by lipslock

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Next Shop update: April 4

Chou modeling some of the items for the next update which will be this Friday (April 4). ^_^

There will be a few shirts, skirts, and a new bear hat available for slim MSD sizes (including Kid Delf and Bluefairy) and SD girls as well. 

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Obtuse by Issy✶ on Flickr.

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p920065990 by Lavenderapple on Flickr.

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Mr Loki with his new look <3 Feeling so good seeing him in all-black style ‘cause none of the others can look so great in this like he does = v = And I guess his new hair style suits him a lot <3 Ever since I’ve watched Divergent, I’ve been wanting to turn all of my boys into Dauntless guys…………….orz I think I’m brainwashed…………….orz

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Anansi 04 by Koshacha on Flickr.

[Doll Chateau Elizabeth]

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I am currently obsessed with making little felt bags to go with my outfits. The pizza bag included with this outfit it what started it all! I’m completely in love with it’s adorableness!!! 

It is made from several pieces of felt (and knit) that sewed by hand together. The “pepperoni” are buttons and “peppers” are embroidery thread with a double red beaded handle. I love my photos, but I almost think the pictures doesn’t do this little item justice. 

Obviously, for me, the bag is the star of this outfit. But also included is the Pizza Hut Top (which deserves a lot of credit for giving me the idea of the bag!), red knit skirt, white tights, hand beaded bracelets and a pair of handmade hair bow barrettes. 

Purchase this outfit here.

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