Not sure if anybody of you are interested in Smart Doll, but have some tests!


Yaret and Anna’s second daughter (born after the twins and Benedict) was named Carin, after Caireann the witch her father knew and loved as a boy. Like her namesake, Carin possesses strong magical ability. She is old-fashioned in her tastes, and prefers the Old Ways. She often goes off into the forest to look for herbs and magical things.

Carin is a Zaoll Love, a stereotypical freckled mori girl at that.

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Albert by msstein0

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Blue Dallas Cheerleader Barbie doll

For more pics here (
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Sugus by Aeris19 on Flickr.

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The inner Devil by Labeculas-Dollhouse

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Prince at the watering place by Salvarion

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Let’s Party! on Flickr.

One of my impulse buys ;w;

I wasn’t planning on keeping him (too many dolls, not enough $$) but he’s so cute! So he’ll probably hang around for a bit! And YoSD is always such a fun size, especially a super poseasble doll like Littlefee XD

(Party is a LTF Pongpong ♥)

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Dollmore’s newest doll, in black resin.

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